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Zeal, web design & graphic design specialists

At Zeal we have an uncompromising focus on thoughtful, engaging design across all mediums. We specialise in branding, web design, graphic design, advertising and photography. We have a diverse array of clients, which keeps us fresh and the work interesting.

Our goal is simple: to maximise the potential of your brand and business.

ZEAL founders.


New trends for a new year.

1. Custom Made Illustrations

According to recent statistics custom made illustrations can convert 7 times better than any stock photography. A unique illustration designed to your brand style with bold colors will definitely make a business stand out. A good illustrator can create a vibrant illustration, toned to suit a brand’s needs.

2. Bold Colors

In 2018 designers have used mostly vibrant colors …




24/7 i trust Zeal to deliver creative brochure, adverts and web amends. Totem works all over the globe and no matter where we are, Zeal are always ready to design anything. They are a part of my team!.

Paul Lawrenson, Director, Totem Medical


We work all over the globe with Studios in Wrexham, North Wales and Oxton Wirral