Tacmed UK

Quality medical equipment


Tacmed can equip a medical operative with all of the gear necessary for their specific working environments

They have an extensive range of quality gear, designed to be robust and 100% reliable. You can count on them for quality service and professional grade products.

From the piste, public event to the battle field Tacmed has the medical equipment you need

Setup by an ex special forces operative, Tacmed has the expertise and experience to supply it’s clients with quality advice and great gear

“When we approached Zeal with a new business concept they really took the bull by the horns. You can see that what they do is more than a job, to them it truly is a passion”

Paul Lawrenson – Director

How we helped

Brand Design

Tacmed needed a solid, professional, reliable and trustworthy brand mark. We did a lot of research into the medical space and took queues from the clinical style that is generally adopted, but, we also recognised that many of the medical companies out there take the same approach with their marketing and design. We didn’t want Tacmed to simply blend into that space, it was important that Tacmed stood out! For this reason we gave the brand mark a really clean, fun and solid font – it’s super easy to read has character and stands out. The logo element of the brand mark is incorporated within the typography creating great separation between the company name and the operating region (in this case the UK) this provides scope for expansion further down the line.


The website is still under development, but we’re adopting all of the planning work we produced during the research phase of the brand mark design.

The website is, clean, user friendly and highly functional, similar to the core values of Tacmed – watch this space!

“Every meeting we had with the team opened up new and exciting ideas to promote our business in ways we hadn’t even thought of! If you’re looking for a truly bespoke and personal touch to your marketing needs then you have found it !”

Paul Lawrenson – Director