Isponica’s mission

To grow fresh food for the local communities with sustainability in mind


Responsive website design for Ísponica, Iceland

Ísponica are a new business based in Hólar, Iceland their mission is simply to:

  • Grow produce for nearby communities, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing and moving food over vast distances
  • To use biodegradable, compostable, and/or recycled packaging for our food. No single-use plastic!
  • By growing locally, Isponica can strengthen the connection customers have with the food and supply chains.

Ísponica have setup a cutting edge vertical aquaponic farming system to better utilise space. Vertical farming enables growers to make use of total building height, and not just horizontal space, which means more crops can be grown in the same space.

The aquaponic farm utilises fish waste as fertilizer for plants. Water flows from a fish tank to a biofilter, where good nitrifying bacteria will convert the wastewater into nutrients the plants can use.


How we helped

Website Design

Ísponica needed a clean, smart and responsive website to promote their mission to serve quality, sustainable produce to local communities.

As with all of Zeal’s websites, the site is a fully bespoke (non website builder based) and has been designed to grow with Ísponica. The website is built with a component system that allows for creative non-uniform page design.

The result is a unique site, that works across all devicess, allowing Ísponica to tell the world about their amazing new venture.

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