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SFR Law specialists in Family and Regulatory Law, they are a niche law practice with a nationwide presence.

SFR Law approached Zeal with a brief to re-imagine their digital presence.

SFR Law are a well established law firm, they work with high profile clients and required a website that reflected the prestige that comes with such representation.

Our brief was to create a modern website that is easy to use, looks great (whilst conveying the ethos and intention of the practice)

SFR Law’s headquarters is based in Liverpool, it was important for the team at SFR that this was represented in the visuals of the website.

To convey the attitude of the firm and the niche market that they cater to, it was imperative that the website used clean and professional photography.

Zeal built a number of elements from the ground up to showcase this, if you take a look here: you can see the homepage slider that we have created, this contains high quality professional photography that moves dynamically (but conservatively) to create interest.


Design Stage

Firstly we had a number of meetings to establish outcomes, what and who was the website for? and what was the primary function of the website?

After establishing a clear brief we began working on some flat designs. Through an iterative process we established a style and decided on the key elements that the website needed, the ultimate function of the site is to create leads, so points of contact needed to be persistent throughout the design.

Build Stage

When we finalised the style and key elements, we turned the mock-ups we had created into a living, bespoke and responsive website. The website is backed by the industry standard WordPress CMS, using a custom back-end the website is easy for the client to update and create content.

Following the build we deployed the website to one of our rock-solid servers. Using our hosting service SFR have regular technical updates to their websites CMD, we also take regular backups for extra peace of mind!

To maximise the impact of the website we also helped SFR with their brand mark, whilst the design has not changed significantly (due to current business marketing collateral) we have tidied up the shapes and sharpened up the type to make the mark cleaner and more legible.

SFR Law approached Zeal with a brief to re-imagine their digital presence.

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