B’MOO’tiful ice-cream with a fresh face!


Established in 2014, Chilly Cow produces exceptional Artisan Ice Cream using fresh milk from their family farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Clywdian Range, North Wales. Chilly Cow’s beautiful heard of Brown Swiss’ produce delicious milk that is higher in butter fat than most cows, which, is then lovingly turned into delicious Welsh ice-cream.

Perfect for any occasion, Chilly Cow’s ice creams are a firm Welsh favourite

They have an extensive range of beautiful classic flavors, with new limited seasonal flavors popping up around the year.

The ice-cream is smooth, buttery and delicious. Since working with Chilly Cow we have supported their business with the rework of their packaging and marketing materials.

“We teamed up with Made with Zeal when we were looking for some rebranding work, we were attracted to them by their enthusiasm and ideas for how our branding could change and update. We have now successfully updated our branding and are moving forward with other commissioned work.”

Anna Taylor, Founder and Director, Chilly Cow Ice Cream Ltd

How we helped

Re-imagining the Moo

Chilly Cow is well recognised throughout the UK. Our job was to make the Chilly Cow more vibrant, fun and fresh. We felt that on lots of the packaging there was a missed opportunity to tell the story of Chilly Cow, from milk through to ice-cream production. Chilly Cow are an independent family run business, built on passion and care – this needed to show through on all of their products.

Using a similar style to the brand mark, we created a suite of graphics that when used in conjunction with the existing brand mark, elevated the brand offering to a new level. We introduced new colours, typography and ‘fun’ to the packaging and marketing materials. What you have is the existing brand but with a more cohesive, substantial feel. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Packaging Design

Chilly Cow ustilises a plethora of packaging to contain and ship their ice-cream. After we had designed a suite of graphics to use in conjunction with the brand mark we moved on to re-imagining Chilly Cow’s packaging. Using the same ethos we designed products that support the brand and tell more of the Chilly Cow story. We created pot and lid designs that look and feel like they belong to the vision that Chilly Cow have.

Chilly Cow Creations

This is a new product in the Chilly Cow collection.

Taking your ice cream to the next level by creating you own ice cream cones and sundaes. Each pack contains different goodies from waffle cones, pots, spoons, sprinkles, biscuits to sauce and honeycomb and they change every month.
Pop over to Chilly Cow’s facebook page to find out more about this product, click here!


Similar to the product packaging we have redesigned all of the signage used by resellers to promote the product. We imbued all of the personality we created for the initial brief into all of the new signs, flags and fridges. What you have is a great brand that is cohesive across all products – and (we think) a job well done!

“They are always approachable and friendly and they have a great ability to listen to our requirements and no matter how crazy or unclear they are, Lowri is always creative and the work fits the brief. We look forward to a continued relationship with them for years to come”

Anna Taylor, Founder and Director, Chilly Cow Ice Cream Ltd

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