We’re 5!

It's our birthday...

As of the 7th of August Made with Zeal will have reached the grand old age of FIVE.

For five whole years we have been running our own business our way. For five years we have been creating awesome relationships, we have moved away from churn and focused on pure quality design for our clients.

We have grown as a team and have evolved along the way. We advocate working remotely, it’s green, flexible and perfect for a modern design team. We have a commitment to quality, communication and value and that’s the way we are going to deliver for our clients into the future!

To celebrate this milestone we will be doing a number of things including an evolution of our website – so watch out for that! We’re also looking into how we can offer our services to help create a positive, constructive message about our environment.

If you want to wish us Happy Birthday! ? or you have a design problem that you need us to look at, drop us a line here!

Happy Birthday to us!!!