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Totem Global Group is a recruitment specialist for medical practitioners, they source and recruit medical professionals globally.

With the roll-out of their new business, Totem Global Group required, branding / marketing direction and a digital online presence, all facets of their marketing needed to be accessible, professional and ‘easy-to-understand’ for potential candidates / business partners.

Totem’s CEO approached Zeal with the brief to create an inspiring professional brand / brand mark and to create a modern, responsive website that encapsulates Totem’s ethos and reach. We have worked with Totem over a number of years, we have a great working relationship and have a great understanding of what a job requires – our client relationships are super important to us!


How we helped

Brand Mark

The first task at hand was to create an image for Total Global Group.

The business serves multiple regions, so the branding and brand mark needed to consider this. The direction needed to be one of clean and clear typography, lines and imagery. The branding needed to be exude professionalism, with a hint of ‘clinical’ but also it needed to embody the passion and heritage of Totem*.

You’ll see from the brand mark that we achieved this using simple shapes coupled with strong and clear typography.

*Totem is run and staffed by ex forces


Following on from the brand and brand mark, we needed to carry the same messaging into the website.

The words that we considered throughout this whole process where:

  • Global
  • Professional
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Care
  • Responsive

From the colours to the images and iconography we feel that we have hit the nail on the head, the website coupled with the branding direction, work in harmony to provide a clean, professional image that embodies trust and experience.

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“If you’re looking for a truly bespoke and personal touch to your marketing needs then you have found it!”

Totem Global CEO