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Designing Totem Medical Academy

Totem are a long standing client of ours, to date we have completed a number of projects with the Totem team, developing and solidifying their brands, building their digital presence and everything in between. Their latest division is focussed on offering medical courses and recognised qualifications to both medical professionals and novices.

Because this is a newco, Totem needed the full works, brand mark and brand guidance, social media kits and a new website.

The branding and all materials that fall underneath, needed to reflect the professionalism of the business, and, needed to give confidence to prospective students that they are investing in a company/course that is reliable and proffessional. With this in mind we got to work researching the space.


How we helped


The first part of our task with Totem Medical Academy was to design the look and feel the company would use going forward, this starts with the brand mark. When we are developing the brand mark we work on colour, iconography, and typography, these are extremely important parts of the brand, they inform everything from the website design, social media presence and all marketing materials.

Key words that we wanted to incorporate when we were designing for the brand were: Medical, Professional, Organised, Reputation, Technical, Proficiency.

Following the development / research stage we start thinking about fonts, colour, and shapes. The company needed to convey all of the above keywords, so we wanted clean and confident shapes with both the fonts used and the icons drawn. The palette we have used is neutral, confident, and professional and immediately evokes ‘medical’.

Website Design

Totem tasked us to design a website that would be simple and easy for their students to use and navigate.

As is the case with all of our website designs, we are mindful about the present and the future of the website, therefore it was important to build a website that Totem Medical Academy could grow and develop with, whilst creating an easy route for students to find and register for specific courses.

As with all our websites we built Totem Medical Academy’s new digital presence to be responsive, easy to navigate and to act as a point of contact and sale for new and returning students.

The website utilises a library of components, that allow the Totem team to tailor the look and feel of the site in-line with their marketing strategy. We don’t built static clunky websites, we DO build dynamic, flexible and useful properties that move and bend to a business’s requirements.


The website allows the Totem team to detail all of their available courses and couple specific registration forms to that content, that allow students to enrol and pay for courses without leaving the website.

“Superb company with an amazing flare for creativity. What ever you need to get your company moving in a competitive market, Zeal with certainly help you stand out from the crowd.”

Totem CEO

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