Stay on budget with reusable designs

Businesses need to be mindful of expenses, particularly with marketing, but also, they need to look good – choose our reusable design package to push your business forward!


Move your business documentation away from generic word templates, stand out from the crowd!

Businesses come to Zeal because they want to stand out from rivals, they want their brand and documentation to create a buzz. But also, more and more frequently businesses want to be able to replicate the quality of a professional document but without exhausting their marketing budget. With Zeal reusables all your business documents will look sharp, on brand and professional – every time!

We have delivered Zeal reusable designs to several clients now, and they have been super impressed with the quality and ease of use of the templates that we design and deliver.

“Made with Zeal were outstanding from start to finish.
I approached the business for some corporate brochure work, and they did not disappoint. Helpful, friendly, and most importantly the designs were fantastic!”

Kevin Woods | Director | Woods International

“It was so easy to set up, we now have great looking bid documents to send out to potential new clients and all I have to do is amend the text to suit, such a great product”

How we can help you

Reusable design package

After consultation we will design and deliver reusable, on-brand marketing, and business documents. We will provide you with support and tuition in how to use your custom templates so that you can keep quality high, and maintain a consistent brand!

Many of our clients are discovering that the barrier to entry in terms of pro-looking, well designed business documentation isn’t that high, all they need is a professional well-structured, well-designed template to kick things off! At Zeal we have been providing our clients with just that.

We will take your brand, then we will build and design a suite of templates that contain all of the bells and whistles you need to produce your own professional business publications going forward.

We will

  • Design and produce all the document template from scratch
  • Create reusable typographic styles
  • Design and create reusable iconography set
  • Advise on imagery use and style, to best serve your brand
  • Provide tuition on how you can create new documents going forward
  • Provide support should you need a helping hand.
  • You are then able to adapt the document ready for digital pdf distribution or send them off to print, the choice is yours.

The programme you will need

The reason why all of this is achievable for businesses looking to look their best on a budget is because of the software we have available today.

We design these templates using a few programmes, they vary in price but are simple to use with our help:

Adobe indesign – Industry-leading page design & layout tool for desktop & digital publishing, this is a great publishing programme, but it does come with a monthly charge (~£26.49/mo).

Affinity Publisher – Fast, smooth, and intuitive page layout software, a professional grade piece of software that is subscription free, and amazingly only costs (~£47.99).

With one of these programmes, we can supply you with a full suite of document templates designed for your business. To utilise this service, you would need to invest in one of these pieces of software and profit from the savings you make on awesome marketing materials!

It’s easy, we take the hard work away and design a fully bespoke template that looks the business, all you have to do is amend the text.

If you want any more information on this product, just get in touch and we can arrange a call.

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