Retro Styler the ‘Retro Superstore’


Established in 2009, Retro Styler have been selling retro and fan merch online for over 10 years

Retro Styler have a strong online presence and customer base. Fans and clients expect colourful, punchy and quality merchandise, to show their support for their favourite movies, characters and shows.

Retro Stylers brand mark needed to be on point

Not only does it have to shout RETRO, it has to be synonymous with their marketplace, as well as, being flexible enough to fit in with a plethora of design languages, from Marvel to Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, it has to work everywhere! But also, it has to be funky, fun and vibrant – sounds like our sort of gig! We love creating fresh brand marks to push businesses that extra inch.


How we helped

Brand Design

How we helped

  • Brand identity design
  • Brand Architecture

Retro Styler are a fun, bright and vibrant business with a passion for all things ‘retro’. Right from the off we clicked with the team at Retro Styler (Zeal also loves Retro merchandise!) we instantly had a great dynamic and understanding of what needed to be achieved.


Research and shapeology (yep that’s a Zeal word)

The new Retro Styler brand mark needed to be funky, fresh and visible, by visible we mean it has to stand out amongst competitors in the conference centre (y’know comic-con and the like!?). It also had to be adaptable to custom merch, so the design needed a degree of simplicity… So… funky, fresh, bright, recognisable, retro AND simple – got it!

We played with lots Warhol-esque colours and simple recognisable shapes, we wanted to create a brand-mark that was friendly,  and, something that the team at Retro could get behind and really sell! after a bit of iteration we found the shape. See the images to take a look at where we landed, it works in every one of the ways listed above and gives Retro Styler that unique but professional look they were after!

Whilst we were developing the brand-mark we also created a new strap-line for the business, something that encapsulates what the business does and is… ‘First for Fans’ – pretty good eh? ūüôā

“Working with Made with Zeal has been an absolute pleasure. From start to finish they were focussed, professional and friendly, with a true passion for design and the branding process. They were always willing to chat things through on the phone or by email, with a transparent working process that put my team at ease. The end result was fantastic also, which has transformed the branding for my business. Thanks again for the amazing work!”

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