New business is the oxygen every agency needs


New Business Methodology works with agencies, marketers and executive leadership teams to deliver business growth.

Driving top-line growth and bottom line margins, New Business Methodology help agencies to master their approach to new business, delivering transformational growth

A specialist in new business, New Business Methodology has written the new playbook for agencies wanting to win new business from current and future clients without pitching.


How we helped

Brand Design

New Business Methodology (NBM) are an established Australasian agency, they offer consultancy services to new / existing businesses, empowering them to win new accounts, drive top-line growth and bottom-line margins and ultimately master their approach to new business.

We had a number of working sessions with Julia (NBM founder) to establish where we wanted the new brand mark to sit, it was clear that we needed a really strong and classy emblem to accompany the letterform ‘New Business Methodology’. This was determined via the brandmark use-cases, such as websites, sponsorship’s, keynote speaking – basically the emblem needed to be instantly recongnisable and powerful in a small space! (something that is very important with all brand marks).

The brand mark also needed to be timeless, when we develop new brand marks we want them to last, they should be as relevant now as they are in 10 years – it’s cool to be aware of trends, but it’s also important not to follow them blindly!

Logo Design

Through our working sessions with the other side of the world, we clearly defined a style. It was important that the emblem was clear and readable but also conveyed who the business is and more importantly who Julia is, we took queues from beautiful gothic letter forms, art deco inspired typography and everything that oozes class and confidence.

Through a series of iterations we landed on a style that fits all of the above, it’s quite interesting to look at the process and how we developed the brand mark.

Website Design

Having nailed down the brand mark, we were then commissioned to rebuild the NBM website. The brief for the website design was similar (in a sense) to the brand mark, the site needed to be responsive, easily navigable but just as importantly convey the ethos, passion, creativity, experience and dynamism of the NBM business.

We built the website from the ground up to display the vast experience NBM has acquired over the years, from publications to key notes NBM is a force in the sector and this needed to be represented on the website.

We built a plethora of responsive components to present comprehensive information in a clean easily navigable way, allowing users to browse publication information with a few clicks. As well as the cool tech, we also imbued the website with the same style and finesse as the brand mark – take a look at the design work, or visit the site here:

if you need help getting your business online, or you need to look at taking your digital presence to the next level, get in touch and we’ll give you a shout!

“when we develop new brand marks we want them to last, they should be as relevant now as they are in 10 years”

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