Creating better leaders


Soho15 is an exclusive group of like-minded leaders from the creative and technology sectors.

The aim of Soho15 is to create better leaders by providing members with the practical skills and management tools to drive success in their organisations.

Soho15 is a completely confidential, high quality learning environment.

It is designed to allow members to collaboratively explore their business challenges and opportunities with other successful business leaders. It’s “the board you can’t afford”.

Soho15 acts as a support mechanism for members, encouraging them to try out new ideas, discover different ways of thinking, and to experiment with creative and original ways of doing business.

High brow, ultra modern clean website

How we helped

Soho15 approached us because they wanted something different, a high brow, ultra modern clean website.

Through many iterations we came up with a design that encapsulates the ethos of Soho15 the website is clean, responsive and functional, through a series of well thought out sections the website explains what Soho15 is and how it can benefit prospective members. The website utilises a fully responsive design coupled with a clean/concise full screen menu.

“Zeal gave us…high brow, ultra modern and clean”