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ESI Technology

Pressure Transducers, Transmitters & Sensors

ESI Technology are a company that manufacture and design pressure transducers and pressure transmitters for challenging aerospace and military applications, over three quarters of the products are exported around the globe to all the major industrialised countries.

They produce transducers and pressure transmitters for Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Depth & Level, Hydraulic, OEM, Oil, Gas & Subsea and Process & Industrial with state-of-the-art Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology for outstanding performance, quality materials and endless connection options.

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How we helped

ESI asked ZEAL to aid them in building their brand as they expand into global markets.

We support ESI with all of their marketing needs, we design and produce brochures, leaflets, exhibition stands and catalogues.

“Zeal provide a valuable extension of our team”