World’s most advanced next-to-skin clothing

Armadillo Merino

Armadillo Merino® are on a mission to change the working lives of our everyday hero’s.

Utilising advanced technology they take humble merino wool and transform it into garments that improve the comfort and protection of professionals operating throughout the world in high risk occupations such as military, police, fire, ambulance, search & rescue, heavy industry and other outdoor professions.

They have had their products go to space, and worn by professionals operating in some of the highest risk places and environments on earth. These professionals demand a lot of their kit, and Armadillo Merino® stand by their commitment to help to protect their customers with the world’s most advanced next-to-skin clothing.

“We will continue to grow and expand our
business by working in conjunction with Zeal”

Andy Caughey, Director Armadillo Merino

How we helped

Armadillo Merino® tasked us to design and develop a website that would showcase their brand and ethos.

The site is a bespoke custom designed build using the e-commerce platform Shopify with sections that allow the Armadillo team to highlight all of the qualities that make Armadillo Merino so special, also, it allows them to tell some of their ‘champions’ amazing stories this was built from the ground up to marry with the marketing side of the Armadillo Merino® domain.

E-commerce with Shopify. Shopify was a great choice for Armadillo Merino® digital store.

All in all the website is a complete and cohesive experience for the end user.

Famed for it’s admin interface and ease of administration it was a no brainier. Using liquid we built a bespoke theme on-top of the platform, this ties in seamlessly with the master website.

Bespoke E-commerce Build

Shopify was the perfect solution

After considering other ecommerce providers, it was clear that Shopify was the perfect solution. It addressed the security concerns – Shopify is at the forefront of e-commerce security, being the most secure platform available.

It was also imperative that the new store had the flexibility to easily add or remove features and content. This would allow the site itself to be as responsive as the business needed it to be when it came to sales, offers, new product lines and messaging.

“The Armadillo Merino brand has really
benefited from the involvement
and expertise of Zeal.”


“The Armadillo Merino® brand has really benefited from the involvement and expertise of Zeal. David and Lowri helped transition us from a clunky non optimised website to a platform that was fresh, engaging and importantly for us editable by our own team for managing our content. From the outset we spoke directly with the Zeal design team who gave us immediate feedback that helped develop our own thoughts and ideas in generating the current site which we are very proud of.  We will continue to grow and expand our business by working in conjunction with Zeal.”

Andy Caughey, Director Armadillo Merino