Why use Infographics?

Infographics are a tool used to graphically represent information.

The earliest use of infographics was when cave men painted on walls. Today, infographics are just as appealing to the masses, with thousands being shared online every day. Infographics take complex information and data sets and make them easy to digest in a visually stimulating design. This allows the viewer to quickly grasp the main points from the data or information, which is important in our 30 second society. The Internet is filled with information and the infographic helps disseminate that information with ease.

What Are Infographics Used For?

Infographics have had many purposes throughout time, but lately they are used primarily for online marketing. This is because infographics help to drive inbound links to websites, making those sites better optimized for search engines and thus improving their rankings in search results.

Of course, this is not the only use of infographics; it’s just the most dominant use currently. Over the past year, however, infographics have been used for a variety of things including brand building, product launches, resumes, and more. As consumers continue to feed off of mass amounts of information delivered in micro formats, the need for infographics will continue to grow and their versatility will expand dramatically.

How Can Your SEO Strategy Benefit from Infographics?

1. Builds links – with 60% of people being visual learners, infographics are a great way of capturing the attention of web users, and it’s also a great way of encouraging people to share and credit back to you. People will link back to your website when they feature your infographic and not only will your site benefit from the relevant link, but also the traffic.

2. Can be shared – infographics are easily digested, simple to understand and interesting to look at. It can also be shared easily through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

3. Branding opportunity – people just love infographics! Create a superb infographic and it could go viral. You could add your company logo to a prime position on the graphic without it being too obtrusive, and get a boost in your online presence and your online branding.

So using infographics are scalable, shareable and brandable, and can add value to your SEO campaign. If you want to pimp your blog or dress up your text, create a stylish and informative infographic for everyone to feast their eyes on!

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