Happy new year everyone!

We hope that you had a great break and are raring to go!

Here at Zeal we have got some big targets to hit this year. We’ll let you know more about our plans in due course.

In the meantime let us give you our predictions for what we think is going to be hot in design this year!!

Web Trends

  • JAMstack: this new/old way of doing things gained a load of traction in 2019. People are waging war on the ‘cms’ and are reverting back to the way we used to build websites… static, custom pages / design, no ‘cms considerations’ – it’s a much needed breath of fresh air!
  • CSS grid: Grid is nothing new, but 2020 is going to be the year of the grid, this tech is going to hit the main stream. Couple this with static, personal websites and I think we are in for another ‘Zen garden’ era.
  • Flexible creative type: Tools for web-fonts and ligatures are getting better all the time. Expect magazine style fonts and layouts
  • New layout considerations: Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed that all of the big names in smart devices have been developing new formats for content; smart watches, dual screen phones, fold-able phones… pixels are getting used like never before. To stay on top we have gotta get creative!
  • Javascript: Is javascript going to continue to dominate, or is tech like dart going to take a share of the ux/dev market? Competition is healthy!!

Design Trends

  • 2020 is going to see lots of strong flexible typography, creating impact and interest
  • 3d artwork and graphics will be the front and centre of design
  • Line artwork will be used in abundance to create that abstract, technical feel
  • Geometric shapes and patterns will be used heavily, flat design is still prominent
  • Gradients are still here! creating subtle changes in colour that create interest and style

Contact us to get your business on track with the new trends, don’t get left in the dark ages…. drop us a line here.

Whatever happens in the new year you can be sure that Zeal is going to create some awesome creative work, we cant wait to get going.