Techniquest is a Science Discovery Centre with over 65 hands-on interactive exhibits designed to challenge visitors understanding of science in a fun and educational way.

This Discovery Centre is spread out over 5 differently themed zones, all packed full of fun hands on exhibits to discover! Learning has never been so much fun!

We were commissioned by Techniquest to assist in the development of the brand and to provide art direction for their new facility in the centre of Wrexham. The Wrexham site is still under development, but to let the public know of the new venture we were asked to design artwork to fill all of the windows of the new building. We had a number of meetings with the Techniquest team to determine a direction for the window artwork, all of our suggestions were met with enthusiasm and gusto. Together we decided on an interactive theme to complement the activities available in the centre, it was a lot of fun coming up with various games and optical illusions to inspire and capture the imagination, we expressed all of this cool ‘sciency’ stuff with bright, colourful visual designs which we coupled with the Welsh and English content provided to us by guys and gals at Techniquest.

Having designed a great, fun and bright house style it was only natural that we apply this to leaflets and other marketing materials to promote special events and other activities for the business. All of the collateral created reflects the fun learning experience available at Techniquest!

The final artwork is certainly attention grabbing and definitely reflects the fun and intrigue on offer at Techniquest!