Steam workshop – getting started

First and foremost I am a web-designer

However, many moons ago I studied 3d visualisation at university. As the name implies I used to create (and animate) 3d models ‘n it still remains an area of interest for me.

Something that I have been interested in recently is the vibrant and continually growing Steam Workshop community,  there are so many talented people publishing their work via this platform, it is a great idea and something I wanted to get involved in.

Lots of the games distributed via the Steam platform are designed to be ‘hacked’ meaning that the community can contribute a plethora of game assets; be it sound effects, custom game overlays, custom character items/models, custom maps and much more besides.

As it happens, I’m not much of a gamer (I don’t have the time!) but when I do get a few minutes to myself, I like to have a dabble with Dota 2 not only is this a fantastic game, the art direction and design is unbelievably good (just peruse the website for 5 mins to see what I mean).

Given that I have a little experience with 3d modelling and design I thought I’d take the plunge and have a go at publishing some content – these blog posts are a record of the steps I have taken thus far!


Historically 3d has been an expensive hobby to pursue, the tools required were (and are) unbelievably expensive. However since I was at uni there are a number of projects that have developed significantly, so much so I think it is viable to produce production ready models/textures with minimal start-up costs.

Below are two applications that are cross platform, free and continually developed; they are all you require to get going with 3d.

*I prefer to use Photoshop (but it’s not free!)

There are literally thousands of tutorials on-line regarding these pieces of software, just hit up YouTube and search!

p.s. something that I have found indespensible is the Blender hotkey reference .pdf (linked below)

So what’s next?

In my next post I will talk about concept art, the source engine and beginning the modelling process! In the mean time, take some time to get used to the aforementioned software.

If you have any questions or queries give me a shout here