RLB Digest – digital marketing and responsive website solution

Rider Levett Bucknall recently launched their annual Riders Digest.

The Riders Digest is an essential guide for construction industry professionals, the publication offers a unique insight into construction trends and technologies – Made with Zeal build a digital website/platform to capture interest in the document.

The publication itself is a highly sought after and anticipated document, to mark it’s release and to add to RLB’s 10 year celebrations we were commissioned to design and build a website to showcase the document.

Over the period of 2 weeks, we got together with RLB and designed a website that has 3 purposes, 1.) it provides a visual, short introduction to the document and the information contained within 2.) it acts as a digital marketing tool, allowing RLB to collect the email addresses of the users that wish to download the document 3.) it drives visitors to the main rlb.com website.

We created a visually interesting website that is both functional and beautiful. The website works across devices and has been a huge sucsess, you can take a look at it here: http://static.rlb.com/uk/2017/digest/

For any design queries that you may have give us a shout here.