Responsive logos

A problem that we encounter when developing content for multiple devices is legibility, when we build a modern website we need to consider a multitude of screen sizes, screen orientations and screen resolutions.

This means that we have to vary things like text size (per device) we need to utilise scalable graphics such as SVGs or other vector based formats, also we should be building scalable websites, they don’t necessarily have to be fully responsive, but, they should be as usable on a mobile device as they are on a desktop computer.

Something that can lose its impact when going from screen to screen is your brand mark or, should I say, logo. This is because text might become unreadable at certain dimensions, shapes may not work when the logo is scaled; there are a whole host of things that can detract from your identity. An interesting idea that has arisen to prominence this past few weeks is ‘responsive logos’ if you take a look here you can find a demonstration of this concept. Developed by Joe Harrison this idea has made me think about the way we design logos – maybe we should be developing logos from a mobile first perspective, i.e. a strong form or shape that is gradually enhanced when more space is available, I think this is not only a good idea for the mobile web but also for brand mark creation in general. Food for thought!