New Brand for Off Y Grid

We were recently asked to design a new brand to represent cinemas in North Wales (Theatr Ardudwy, CellB, Galeri and Pontio) the project the brand represents is called ‘Off Y Grid’ and has been organised for these cinemas to work together to promote independent, specialist films to a wider audience.

When designing the brand mark it was imperative that it represented North Wales and the main objective of Off Y Grid, to foster a movement in local towns in the North of wales and communities that enables people to get together and appreciate the art of film making. Given this criteria it was important that this message was instantly apparent when looking at the logo, the shapes we have used communicate this in a clean (retro) fashion.

As a creative independent studio ourselves we understand the importance of collaboration, Theatr Ardudwy, CellB, Galeri and Pontio joining forces and sharing ideas is a great initiative and will surely breathe new life into the area, one film at a time.