Why Invest in Branding?

If you’re a new start-up or small business it can be difficult to see why you should invest in branding.

You’re not trying to battle with the big brands but who says you won’t be in the future? Starting strong with a clear and defined brand identity sets you in good stead for success.

The most profitable and successful global companies are instantly recognisable through their brand. From Apple to Google to Coca Cola, each has an obvious visual impression which jumps into the mind when you think of them. Without their strong brand identity, these companies would not have reached such great heights


Creating a strong brand gives you the reputation as an expert in your field. Investing in branding shows you take yourself seriously. Customers will begin to believe you’re better than the alternatives. Establishing creditability is key to this and a defined brand is central to credibility. Showcasing your strengths in business will mark you out as something a bit special.

Higher Calibre Clients

When you first start-up you’ll find yourself performing repetitive tasks, essential to building your brand. Once your brand is strong and this is centrally due to your brand identity. Your message can be clear, concise and directed specifically at the target customer you have already attracted. Your targeting is more focused and you can build up a loyal customer base who wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.

Increased Value

When I say value, I mean perceived value. When people get to know your brand and you’re considered an expert in your field, charging more for your products or services comes naturally. People will pay more because you’re perceived to be better than the competition. A weak brand and low prices may put customers off, they’ll want to know why you’re so comparatively cheap and potentially be distrustful of you because of this.

Everybody’s Favourite

Almost every business market is packed with competitors all fighting for their piece of the action. Turning a profit is exceedingly hard in business in the 21st century – you need to be different. A strong brand both visually and conceptually will give you an advantage over the competition and you will soon see you are becoming the preferred brand in your niche. Investing in branding makes it easier for you to become the favourite in your industry because a professional logo designer and branding specialist will ensure you succeed.

Make your Job Easier

Chances are when you started your business it was because you love what you do and not because you want to spend hours slogging away trying to get yourself noticed. In the early days this may be necessary but in time, with the right image, your company will become synonymous with your industry and marketing will become easier. Having a brand that people can identify them will mean that your reputation genuinely will precede you and if you’re producing high quality work or products then this can only be a good thing.

If you want to be the market leader in your industry, investment in your brand identity is essential. Your business simply won’t grow without a professional image.

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