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About M7Virtual

M7 Virtual is an award winning 360 Video VR (Virtual Reality) production company who specialise in producing mind blowing creative 360 content to use in advertising campaigns, audience engagement & virtual reality experiences.

They combine cutting edge technology with fresh and innovative approaches to create immersive 360 experiences.

How we helped

We were asked to design and build a glossy web presence for their new 360° video production company. The aim of the site was to show off all of the great work they are doing in a visual way (following on from the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words!). So in good ‘ol Zeal fashion we took to the drawing board and got our ideas together. Firstly we fleshed out the design in Photoshop then from there we fired up Visual Studio Code and began to build (mobile first of course). The site is fully responsive and utilises some nice subtle css3 animations.

Made with Zeal are undoubtedly our first call for creative and web design services. You are trusted to have 100% professional delivery from them

Mark Wynne, Director M7Aerial

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