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Steam workshop – getting started

First and foremost I am a web-designer

However, many moons ago I studied 3d visualisation at university. As the name implies I used to create (and animate) 3d models ‘n it still remains an area of interest for me.

Something that I have been interested in recently is the vibrant and continually growing Steam Workshop community,  there are so many talented people publishing …


Why Invest in Branding?

If you’re a new start-up or small business it can be difficult to see why you should invest in branding.

You’re not trying to battle with the big brands but who says you won’t be in the future? Starting strong with a clear and defined brand identity sets you in good stead for success.

The most profitable and successful global companies are instantly …


5 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand Online

Operating a brand via social media takes a lot of time and dedication. Your goal is to reach a lot of people while putting a good face to your brand.

You want to grow your business in multiple facets, from your bottom line to your overall reputation. This not only takes commitment and an intelligent approach to marketing, but it also …


ZEAL are on Pinterest

Come visit our visual blog on pintrest.

We exhibit all our latest designs here

We find pinterest to be a good tool when we occasionally hit “designer block”. Its full of designs, colours and ideas to get the juices flowing again!


Welcome to our blog

This is our first post! Welcome

Our blog stands to serve as a sharing point for our thoughts, ideas and hobbies.

We love design and technology so you’ll be hearing lots about that, but not just that tho! We have loads of other interests & views that we would like to share. Keep checking back for more.